Company’s main activities are the import, storage, transportation, and sales of petroleum products.

With Mongolia’s transition to a market economy, the privately owned enterprizes have been established in every economic sector, among which Shunkhlai LLC was one of the very first established. Established in 1993 Shunkhlai LLC with its first operations in the area of vehicle repair services, it later diversified its operations into the petroleum industry to contribute to the increased opportunities for consumers and fair competition environment in the market.

Company’s main activities are the import, storage, transportation, and sales of petroleum products.

Currently Shunkhlai LLC operates a nation-wide network of over 99 gas stations, 8 storage depots, transportation fleet for product distribution and a state accredited in-house quality testing laboratory.

Implementation of International Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, and Occupational Safety and Health Management System by Shunkhlai LLC ensures a uniform level quality of products and services at each and every unit of operations and guarantees health and safety for its staff and consumers. At the same time, modern and high potential new technologies have been introduced in the operations of the storage depots and gas stations and the advanced payment forms, such as dedicated bank cards for fuel purchase and cash equivalent coupons.

Shunkhlai LLC, being responsible corporate citizen, contributes to the country’s economy by paying total taxes in excess of MNT 150 billion annually. At the same time, the company places an importance on its employees’ development and organizes a regular training programmes for improving the employee skills, corporate culture and business ethics and values. Many initiatives in the areas of education, culture and heritage and the nature and environment have been implemented towards contributing to the well being of our society and the people.

Furthermore, we aim to further streamline our operations to ensure the highest level of corporate social responsibility and highest level of service execellence by the year 2020 and to become a supporter of green development concepts in order to be identified as one of the benchmarks in Asia.

Our goals

Our goals

We are committed to a rule of law and public interests by emphasizing quality, occupational health and safety, environmental sustainability and accident prevention through constant improvement of integrated management system based on skillful employees that value the development and the advanced technologies friendly to the environment and human beings.



We respect people and create intensive development.


Shunkhlai LLC will become one of the benchmark companies of Asia that ensures the corporate social responsibility at the highest level and promotes concepts of green development.


  • Respect consumers
  • Be productive
  • Protect the environment
  • Value collaboration
  • Be responsible


Feeding all the engines for development


Address by the CEO


It has been 30 years since Shunkhlai LLC has stepped into the petroleum sector. In the course of past 30 years, we have expanded outreach of our business operations to open our branches in all of 21 provinces and establish collaboration with major projects, contributing to the nation's development. We focus on our services, increasing our product range, and delivering the environmentally friendly products to our customers.

Shunkhlai LLC has introduced the integrated management systems; ISO9001:2008-Quality Management System, ISO14001:2004-Environmental Management System, and OHSAS18001:2007-Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

We are the first in the sector to introduce full automation of the technological processes at the storage depots and gas stations. We strive to further improve our services reaching down to every consumer and optimize our business operations to achieve adequate mix of business and public interests by contributing more to ther country economic development and being environmentally friendly and beneficial to the socio-economics.  

We are pleased to announce that Shunkhlai LLC has set a goal to become one of the benchmark companies in Asia in terms of service excellence, as a result of all the endevours described above. Taking this opportunity I would like to extend on behalf of the company, our sincere gratitude to all of our business partners and customers and consumers for being with us throughout all these years.


Galmunkh CH.

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Gerelt-Od SH.

Chief Technology Officer

Bolortuya S.

Chief Financial Officer

Jamiyanjav A.

Director of Administrative & Compliance Division

Altanzaya G.

Director of Human Resources Division

Javzan O.

Director of Dispatching and Operations Handling Division

Sarantuya S.

Director of Internal Audit Division

Norjinsuren D.

Director of Foreign Trade Division

Davaadorj N.

CEO of Shunkhlai Oil LLC

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